Check out these actual reviews given by guests of ours  below. The reviews can also be found on our Facebook page as well as Yelp!

“Amazing food and amazing prices!” 


- Kristina B 

"Everything was very good and 
you got a lot of food and very reasonable looking forward to going back soon“ 


- Tina O

“Amazing food and great food prices” 


- Tammy R

“Excellent food and great portions” 


-  Michelle E

"Food was great price! Also had very good size portion!“ 


- Brandon G

“Great prices on HUGE portions of really great food. Cheesy combo beef and sausage was awesome and the fries are great. Pasta portions are two meals in one!” 


- Donovan D

“Still full from eating there 3 days ago”  


- Jim B

89 Grand Avenue, Fox Lake, IL 60020

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